Drawbacks of Technology in Education – Part 2

In a world where technology has surpassed humanity, it is playing an important role in education as well. However, just like every coin has a flip side, technology in education has its drawbacks too. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Major sources of distraction


Social networking sites are literally ruling the world with its attractive innovations in present generation and students and learners are busy in checking their posts and updates, counting the number of likes, checking the status etc. All these activities create a huge distance between them and their education.

Creating Enough Room for Cheating

A simple click of a mouse now has the power to control everything and hence the mechanized world is making you lazier. An illegal activity, cheating has now become powerful and easy to use due to the use of technology. It has really become very tough to control this activity, especially in the examination environments are the ones where it’s toughest to control such activities.

Increasing Rates of Cyberbullying

The young learners have an easy access to umpteen accounts leads young learners into the dark tunnel of harassment which has an entry but no exit at times. Everything can be washed off with cyberbullying and give malicious results if not monitored properly.

Makes Learners Disconnected From the Real World

Instead of communicating orally, educators are busy in educating the learners with its online education tools to keep equal pace with technology. It makes them unable to interact with their teachers and share their problems openly to overcome it.

Challenges for Teachers

Constant discovery of new technologies and software upgrades makes it difficult for a teacher to execute them if they do not possess those technical skills. Educators have to be expert in technical skills and the school has to hire technical experts adding extra expenses.

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