Schools Have to Support Educators While Monitoring Tech Trends

Modern learning is seamlessly integrating technology into spaces that are designed around teaching and learning. This is giving the instructors and students the tools they need to succeed in a physical setting that promotes collaboration and supports multiple learning styles. Audiovisual equipment and even classroom furniture, along with connected devices are an important part of modern learning environments and also essential to creating spaces that are conducive to teaching that focuses on future-ready skills.


Getting the teachers on board with the new technology is equally essential. The efforts they spend to create a modern learning environment will go waste if teachers don’t use them. A majority of school principals and technology leaders say face the biggest challenge in implementing digital learning or expanding technology use is motivating teachers to change their traditional instructional practices. And while leaders are at least supportive of the use of technology, the teachers who feel the same are less in number. The results are by according to a 2017 study by Blackboard and Project Tomorrow.

The five essential elements that teachers need to effectively and efficiently integrate digital content, tools and resources into daily instruction in their classroom: planning time to work with colleagues, a classroom set of devices for student use, readily available tech support, professional development and reliable internet.

Although the concept of the modern learning environment is still emerging, a consensus is already forming around best practices, which include a commitment to student-centered learning and professional development for educators.

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