Edtech Tools You Should Give a Try This Year – 2

The edtech tools are advancing every year to keep up with the growing demand and updating technology. While the teachers and the students are getting comfortable with one tool, somewhere an updated version is being built to provide a better experience to the consumers. 2018 is no exception, so without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the edtech tools worth a try this year.



Social studies and history are such subjects which can get boring, and Newseumed comes to the rescue there. It houses an incredible online collection of news artefacts, primary sources, and lessons, giving you and your students an up-close look at history and helping teachers teach civics media, literacy, and all aspects of the First Amendment. Its search option has various filters, geography and theme-wise. At a time when the concept of “truth” has become pretty shaky, Newseumed deserves a place on every history teacher’s list of go-to resources.


An immensely cool tool, Autodraw uses artificial intelligence to guess what you’re trying to draw. Once you begin sketching something, it gives you a strip of professionally illustrated images to choose from based on what the tool thinks you’re trying to draw. Its guess changes everytime you add more detail to your sketch. It can help students not good at drawing skills to add doodles to their notes Similarly, teachers can add icons or illustrations to their classroom materials in a way that consumes less time.


Sway is a unique platform that gives you dynamic, almost cinematic presentations that have the feel of a modern website. One can either start from scratch or through a template, and end with creating their own sway by adding content, images, videos and other required things. It is a great way for presenting your own content or offering students a different way to share their learning or produce creative projects of their own.

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