Edtech Tools You Should Give a Try This Year – 1

The edtech tools are advancing every year to keep up with the growing demand and updating technology. While the teachers and the students are getting comfortable with one tool, somewhere an updated version is being built to provide a better experience to the consumers. 2018 is no exception, so without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the edtech tools worth a try this year.



With the amount of attention Flipgrid has got lately, there is no way an edtech tool article would be complete without its mention. An app where students respond to a teacher’s questions through videos, Flipgrid is a great way to get students talking about any topic, reflect on a book or film, or ask questions about something you’re exploring in class. It gives us a way to bring our real voices, our actual faces, our true, less-edited selves back into play in an age where we are all getting less and less comfortable with face-to-face communication, preferring instead to talk through text.


An impressive tool, Insertlearning allows you to take any page on the Internet and turn it into a lesson. Suppose you find a great article on a website which you want to share with the students along with asking them some questions and inserting a related video etc. Inserlearning enables you to do just that. Formerly called DocentEDU, it is an extension you add to your Chrome browser. Any web page can be turned into a lesson once done.

Book Creator

A flexible too, Book Creator allows students of any age or skill level to create, publish, and share online books. The process can be as simple or as difficult as you make it. You can either choose a comic book layout and insert Google images straight from the app into locked panels or a completely blank page and upload your own artwork.  Introducing a tool like Book Creator could open up some incredible possibilities for students to demonstrate and share their learning if you’ve gotten stuck in a never-ending cycle of worksheets and multiple-choice tests.

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