Hottest Topics in EdTech – Part 2

Education Technology, as we know has been spreading its wings far and wide. The educators who embrace the technology to transform teaching and learning place students over the technology as the most compelling topic. Let’s look at some of the hottest edtech topics right now.

Artificial Intelligence

Making their way into the classrooms are Digital voice assistants like Alexa and Echo, the ways to use which are being uncovered by the educators. AI can help students reach higher levels of learning and thinking as they use the devices to practice asking questions and thinking out loud.

Global Learning

Although not a new topic, but the level of maturity global learning is reaching as more and more educators understand the value of learning in a global context is refreshing. Students and teachers harness the power of technology to develop relationships with their global peers while addressing important and complex global issues. Student participation in global learning has resulted in discussions and collaborative projects that have addressed worldwide problems like food scarcity, climate change, refugee crises and child labor.

Learner Profiles

The various education standards around the world include specific profile for learners which provides a framework for helping students become Empowered Learners, Knowledge Constructors, Digital Citizens, Computational Thinkers, Creative Communicators, Innovative Designers and Global Collaborators, while the Educator Standards are a roadmap for becoming Learners, Leaders, Collaborators, Designers, Facilitators, Citizens, and Analysts. Adopting learner profiles to successful implementation, both students and educators are embracing their new roles.

The day is not far when all these examples will turn from hottest topics to the ones that are being used exhaustively in educational institutions. Keep watching this space for more.


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