Education Gamification in Action – Part 1

The modern education is no longer viewed as a mundane process for presenting information while testing for retention and understanding. It involves tasks of engaging students, stimulating their interests, retaining their attention, and maintaining a positive attitude in a nurturing environment. Gamification is trying to achieve that healthy balance in education by creating learning situations that are fun. Let’s take a look at some of them and how they are producing more effective educational environment.


DuoLingo: Learn a language while translating the web

A massive online collaboration, Duolingo combines a free language-learning website with a paid crowdsourced text translation platform. While helping to translate websites and documents, the students can learn a given language online. It provides learning and translation tools to help the students understand the language better and allow them to rate the translations done by others. The translation assignments are more engaging since web content is inherently more interesting than “made up” sentences. The adaptive system tracks each completed lesson, translation, test, and practice session to provide feedback to the student and plan future lessons and translation assignments to better address their needs.

Ribbon Hero: Game that teaches you how to use Microsoft Office

Available as a free Microsoft download, Ribbon Hero is an add-in game to educate users of Office 2007 and 2010 on how to use the tools available in the new ribbon interface. The game has been designed with utmost care by creating short, relevant tasks and providing immediate feedback and reinforcement to help keep the user engaged and interested. The difficulty level is manageable yet challenging and the game can monitor the user’s progress and change them accordingly. The score can also be shared on Facebook.

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