Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are radically changing just about everything in Education

Believes Rajveer Meena, Co-founder & COO of OnlineTyari. Equipped with a firm belief in the power of the internet to transform the ed-tech sector, Rajveer focuses on the strategic development and market expansion at OnlineTyari.


He has over a decade of proven experience in business development, sales and product management. A PGDM from the prestigious IIM Lucknow, the aspirational and motivated Rajveer embraces a consistently, high-focus approach in his career.  Rajveer Meena, in conversation with Ekta Srivastava, Education Technology…

Please tell us something about OnlineTyari, Its concept and uniqueness.

OnlineTyari is India’s and fastest growing web and mobile app platform providing complete solution for online preparation for different competitive exams in India. Based in Gurgaon, OnlineTyari is turbocharged by the latest technologies for solving test preparation problems and facilitates the students interested in government jobs exam preparation in all possible manners.

Its unique data- driven and deep analytical approach makes it unique in the field. The students can avail mock assessment tests, test preparation e-books and study material in three languages i.e., Hindi, English and Marathi whereas the coaching classes tie up with OnlineTyari for test prep solutions and other technical needs.

Recently, the company has also established its offline presence in key cities by establishing Experience Centres where students can take tests and get their doubts cleared. The success of the company can be gauged from the fact that the mobile app of OnlineTyari has been downloaded by 7 million students and 5 million+ students have registered on its online platform.

OnlineTyari envisions to become ‘No. 1 test preparation platform’ and its mission is to achieve ‘1 million monthly test takers by March 2019’. Working towards this, the company will be expanding its offline presence in North India by the end of 2018. It is also looking to enable more vernacular languages on its platform by next year. With a clear vision and strategy to make its mark in the edtech sector, OnlineTyari endeavours to bring the youth of the country on a single digital platform and help them prepare well for their dream government jobs.

Technology and analytics, how will it benefit the Education Sector?

Using technology, students’ performance across cohort, subjects and exams can be tracked and clusters are created based on different characteristics. This enables targeted strategies for specific segments of students. such as students pursuing a particular course and performing exceptionally well or average or below average students finding the course very tough. For the below average cluster, the analytics can initiate structures intervention and provide them some special training to ensure better preparation & selection. Based on the data collected through exam papers of previous years & preparation level of the students, data can suggest which competitive exams will suit best as per the current preparation level of the students. In this way, using technology & analytics, students can save their time and decrease the cases of unemployment.

How do you see Data scientist and their big bet on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning?

Each student has its own learning needs and the most suitable teaching practice applied for one student is not likely to fit the rest. The adoption of AI and ML harnesses available data and algorithms to predict each students learning pace, understanding level, strengths and weaknesses in subjects and learning methods.  They then personalise the whole educational system by analyzing their course, online worksheet, interactions, test scores and create a significantly unique and tailored pathway that is interactive and fun-filled. They are even making the entire experience of teaching and learning increasingly engaging and livelier.

While many data scientist chose to say that AI and ML are both influencing the ed-tech world, we think otherwise.  This adaptive learning is reinventing education from both the students and the teacher’s perspective. Educators are able to understand the gaps in their teaching and hence build the ideal conceptual foundation that involves quick assessment, improved learning, timely guidance, apt explanations and instant feedback.

In return for an abundance availability of quality content, students are leveraging ed-tech to receive real-time performance opinion, eradicate misconceptions, and ramp up their engagement. Holistically, the adoption and application of teaching methods, tools, resources, that involves AI and ML, tend to be more effective and enjoyable experience from a students outlook.

Interestingly enough, AI and ML are radically changing just about everything in education. From boosting collaboration to anytime anywhere enhanced and deeper learning to helping students acquires basic skills to even recommending schools and colleges that are most suitable as per their capabilities and interests. They are literally improving digital literacy. It has gone way beyond the usual rote learning to a more reasoning, planning, and cognitive learning.

How do you think specialized certifications will add value add for high skilled workforce?

There’s almost a perfect correlation between income and education. But over the last 20 years, most of the income growth that’s gone to people with degrees has gone to people with higher degrees. As this trend will continue specialized certifications will play a role in helping people move up the income ladder through advanced education. Certificates will help skilled workforce to gear up for employment upon graduation, aligning their skills with what employers actually want.

What technology initiatives do you see gaining maximum ground for Corporate Training, Vocational Education, and Skills Training?

The technology initiatives blended into trainings are focused on building the capacity of educators to impart education online. This is done through elearning where video & interaction driven content teaches corporates without the presence of an instructor. The content of training is developed in such a way that it aligns with the company goals and can be used in practical scenarios by the employees. Technology makes the process of feedbacks seamless where senior employees are involved to give feedback and a regular assessment of learning curve is done.

Integration of technology into vocational instruction can provide students with potential access to the world of work outside of the college and allows teachers to design useful learning environments that emphasize learning in the context of real world activities for vocational students.

When teaching includes collaborative learning and is complemented by technology the greatest improvement in social and emotional skill development is achieved. Technology in skill development is used to assess the skill level of an individual and then the courses can be suggested based on the skills required for that individual. Artificial Intelligence can be used to benchmark the performance with peers. For example:  Apps based learning is replacing traditional models in language learning / english learning.

How OnlineTyari is reaching out to the rural masses.

OnlineTyari has adopted an O2O (Online to Offline) strategy to reach out to rural masses. We have roped in some of the best local coaching institutes, independent tutors and publishers who will provide students with a simulated experience before giving their actual exams. Since OnlineTyari was initiated in Jaipur and has a strong existing network within the city, umpteen centers already followed the platforms module, test preparation e-books and study material for coaching. Patna on the other hand, is a leading centre for aspiring candidates preparing for their dream Government jobs, hence a centre in the city.

OnlineTyari is all about bringing the youth of the country on a platform that will help them prepare well for their dream jobs. By using the online-to- offline and offline-to- online strategy we are ensuring that every student struggling to get digital access or the best study material and preparation tips outside metro cities do not suffer.

Significant number of students while preparing for the exams in remote locations still don’t have access to computers. They do not know how the whole ambience of giving an online examination is like. Experiential Examinations by OnlineTyari will focus on the development of more mock assessment tests and benchmark students’ performance at an All India level. Students will also get an actual feel of what it is like to give a competitive exam with similar students. They will be able to get their last minutes doubts cleared with the help of faculty and better manage their time & stress that they might experience while appearing for the final exam.

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