Corporate eLearning trends for 2018- Part 4

The last two decades saw major changes in business learning. From a standardized, classroom-based, instructor-led framework, it has now moved to a host of digital tools to create a new kind of learning experience. As technological advancements are translated into new, better methods of delivering training throughout the organization, 2018 promises to be an exciting year of advancements in eLearning. Let’s take a look at them.


Work-Life Skills

Finding a balance between work and home is important to employees in terms of productivity and employee burnout and can also have an impact on the organization. Work-life imbalance can cause poor health which affects medical costs and PTO. As per 2017 Mercer Global Talent Trends Study4, 53% of employees want their company to increase focus on employee health and wellness, while 56% are looking for more flexible work options. Work-life skills training will continue to grow in importance as companies are confronted with the cost of stressed, burned-out workforce.

Leadership and Management Training

As the focus of strategic management and strategy implementation becomes more project- and team-based, functional and departmental silos are breaking down across all industries. Content related to building future leaders will be a high priority in development in 2018 to address the skills gap in leadership and management.

Upskilling of existing employees in a competitive environmentis to the benefit of the organization as a wholeand training and development are an important part of the modern company’s strategic growth plans. To make development opportunities more accessible and tailored to the learner, the overarching trends in corporate training and development are to take continued advantage of technology.

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