Corporate eLearning trends for 2018- Part 2

The last two decades saw major changes in business learning. From a standardized, classroom-based, instructor-led framework, it has now moved to a host of digital tools to create a new kind of learning experience. As technological advancements are translated into new, better methods of delivering training throughout the organization, 2018 promises to be an exciting year of advancements in eLearning. Let’s take a look at them.



Inexpensive to create and distribute, podcasts offer similar benefits as video-based learning but are even more portable and accessible. Considering the general rise of podcasts in the recent past, it is likely that the employees are already familiar with the basics of the podcast format. With 40% of all podcasts falling into the educational category, educational podcasts are the second-most popular category of the podcast.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been a technology to watch for many years now and combined with augmented reality, it can offer exciting new ways to deliver training to eLearners. AR and VR technologies are becoming accessible and increasingly cost-effective due to recent advancements in technology. While VR can help people to study scenarios, AR is suited to those learners in need of on-the-spot information.

Upskilling of existing employees in a competitive environment is to the benefit of the organization as a whole and training and development are an important part of the modern company’s strategic growth plans. To make development opportunities more accessible and tailored to the learner, the overarching trends in corporate training and development are to take continued advantage of technology.

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