Startups are introducing robotics in school curriculum

Startups like Phi Robotics Education, Edurobo, and Jay Robotics are changing the way robotics is perceived by students in schools and colleges today. They offer practical training in robotics using hardware, actual projects for companies, certification and robotic training kit products.


Based in Mumbai, Phi Robotics was started by Pranay Kishore in 2015 after he returned to India on completing a robotics apprenticeship in the Carnegie Mellon University. Looking at the opportunity in the education field in India, he established Phi Education Solutions as an off-shoot to Phi Robotics Research. Through their Phi Education Store, they have approached colleges with their product which includes hardware and software technology. Besides mentoring, guidance, and certification in collaboration with IBM and Microsoft, they provide mechanical hardware, electronic sensor components and the technology.

Edurobo, started by Sreekar Reddy in 2014 is a Hyderabad based startup that offers primary to advanced-level training courses in robotics to be studied at the school and college level. The offering includes practical training to students as part of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education and advanced project training to engineering students using their technology.

Based in Mumbai, Robosoft was started by Syed Ross Farooq and Fahad Azad in 2010. It claims to have the edge of first movers in the space. It first started with a project for industrial robotics for a Dubai-based MNC. They cater to two areas – industrial and education and have DIY kits in robotics that can serve as both education and entertainment for students. Robosoft has distribution centres in 10 cities in India and its product is also available on Flipkart and Amazon.

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