Role of Artificial Intelligence In Education – Part 3

Artificial intelligence is poised to make big changes (and in some cases already is) in the education sector. There are many projects already in the works that use computer intelligence to help students and teachers get more out of the educational experience. Let’s take a look at the ways those tools, and those that will follow them will shape and define the educational experience of the future.

It is altering how we find and interact with information


AI systems that affect the information we see and find on a daily basis rarely get noticed. The intelligent systems like Google, Amazon, Siri etc. could just change how we find and use information in schools and academia just like how they play a big role in how we interact with information in our personal and professional lives. Students in the future may have vastly different experiences doing research and looking up facts than the students of today with newer, more integrated technology.

Changing the role of teachers

What the role for teachers in education is may change due to new technology in the form of intelligent computing systems. In schools that are online or embrace the flipped classroom model, teachers are supplementing AI lessons, assisting students who are struggling, and providing human interaction and hands-on experiences for students.

Makes trial-and-error learning less daunting

Trial and error is a concept that many students fear. The idea of failing, or even not knowing the answer, can be paralyzing. An intelligent computer system is a much less daunting way to deal with trial and error. As AI systems themselves often learn by a trial-and-error method, it is the perfect format for offering students a way to experiment and learn in a relatively judgment-free environment.

Hence, Artificial Intelligence is slowly and steadily expanding its wings in the education sector. The wait might be longer, but it will definitely bear fruitful results for both teachers and students.

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