Role of Artificial Intelligence In Education – Part 2

Artificial intelligence is poised to make big changes (and in some cases already is) in the education sector. There are many projects already in the works that use computer intelligence to help students and teachers get more out of the educational experience. Let’s take a look at the ways those tools, and those that will follow them will shape and define the educational experience of the future.


Students could get additional support from AI tutors

Despite the fact that there are things that human tutors can offer that machines can’t, the future could see more students being tutored by tutors that only exist in zeros and ones. Some existing tutoring programs help students through basic mathematics, writing, and other subjects. Though real-world teachers are still required to facilitate high-order thinking and creativity, it cannot rule out the possibility of AI tutors being able to do these things in the future.

AI-driven programs can give students and educators helpful feedback

Apart from helping teachers and students to craft courses that are customized to their needs, Artificial Intelligence can also provide feedback to both about the success of the course as a whole. AI systems are being used by some schools, especially those with online offerings, to monitor student progress and to alert professors when there might be an issue with student performance. Allowing professors to find areas where they can improve instruction for students who may struggle with the subject matter, these kinds of AI systems provide students the support they need.

Hence, Artificial Intelligence is slowly and steadily expanding its wings in the education sector. The wait might be longer, but it will definitely bear fruitful results for both teachers and students.

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