8 Features Every Great eLearning Authoring Tool Should Have – Part 1

Make sure your authoring tool can offer these features to get the best out of it.

Seamless LMS Integration


When building a learning course, organizations often face a long ‘gestation period’. You might have to zip and transfer a huge volume of material to your existing LMS once all the text, audio, and video has been added and your L&D team and other stakeholders have reviewed the layout. Before your IT team will let you transfer it, you might even have to put it through a quarantine.

Instantaneous Updates

When changes need to be rolled out urgently, the ability to refresh material or add new content based on stakeholder feedback is important for L&D teams. Changes should be made to your course such that your users will immediately see the latest version of your training.

Multiple Distribution Options

The ways you might want to distribute your course could be outside of a traditional LMS. You might set it within your company’s Intranet site, opt to embed it in a website, or simply email it to people as a link. A direct link helps promoting your course on social media or by direct message and also easily share those with your colleagues for review processes and testing.

Output That Works On Any Device

In reality, courses often look very different on a mobile device (for e.g., quashed) than on a laptop. People are far less likely to want to complete courses if they have to constantly pinch and zoom in on the text or tap and swipe at buttons that are too small to work.

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