Overlooked benefits of LMS reporting

LMS reporting makes the mundane job of reporting fun and interesting. Let’s take a look at some of the overlooked benefits of LMS which may be leading you to not get the most from your reporting if missed.


Stay updated all the time

Contrary to popular belief, you should compile a report whenever you feel you need updating about a particular part of your business, and not every month or quarter. Don’t wait until the end of the month if you need a clear picture. Learning Management System stores all the information relating to your students online, making it easy to compile whenever needed. Changes like someone purchasing a place on a course, a student completing a module, or a new eLearning course being upload to your LMS will be uploaded automatically.

Compare data with other training styles

Your LMS reporting system will allow you to create separate reports about all your eLearning offerings, such as blended learning classes, or classroom-based sessions. This means you can see how it is performing on its own, and then also compare the data to reports you have created for other areas of your business, to see which areas need some improvement.

Customize reports to fit your needs

LMS allows you to create reports by pulling data directly from it. This means you should be able to pick exactly the data you want to report on, so your reports are always customized to what you need to see. This also helps in breaking down the report to smaller parts and then letting you focus on one area at a time rather than having to pull all the data into one report to draw intelligent conclusions from a mass of a data.

Spot problems easily

If you see a problem arising, you can get information on it right now, rather than waiting weeks for your next report to be produced. This means you can get in there and start fixing a problem right away, as it’s important to be able to address these things as quickly as possible.

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