How Technology alters the education industry

From the ability to watch our favourite shows at a desired time to the fact that you might be reading this article on your phone, technology has managed to enhance just about every facet of our day to day lives. Going by the size of the eLearning market, trends in technology are also having a tremendous effect on the education industry.



A trend that has taken the world by storm, streaming is something that has engulfed education sector as well. As a result of their live streaming capabilities, social media platforms have become more and more popular. Educators find themselves using these platforms to have their followers interact with them in a live interactive space. Essentially placing you in a classroom environment on the internet, a live stream makes you watch the instructor carry out their lesson in real-time and then ask questions or interact with your peers during the broadcast.


One of the trendiest ways to raise money for a project or company in the 21st century is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding platforms provide a means for projects to come to fruition and the education sector is benefiting greatly from it. As educators are realizing that students excel at different things and some may learn faster or slower than others, with no general consensus that fits everyone perfectly, education is being transformed into a niche industry and it no longer one size fits all. Crowdfunding allows for teaching methods to be adapted to suit different learners. Without having to draw on funding resources set out for other tasks, it provides a way for projects which focus on different niches to be carried out.

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