On Job Training to be encouraged and be made part of the curriculum

Belives, Dr Narendra Kumar Shyamsukha, Chairman ,ICA Edu Skills, a chartered accountant by profession. Founded in 1999 ICA Edu Skills provides professional training in the areas of accounting and taxation. So far, the firm has invested in 15+ startups in the edtech sector.

He has years of experience in franchisee building and, today, ICA Edu Skills has a robust presence with 250+ centres across India. Dr Narendra in an interaction with Ekta Srivastava, Education Technology

How do you think specialized certifications will add value for high skilled workforce?

Meritocracy at present, due to colonial legacy has been governed by paper certificates.  To make the meritocracy more inclusive for people who are honing their skills outside the university specialized certification is required. It is going to influence the following.

  1. Give respectability to skills like plumbing, electrician, tailoring, mechanics and likes.
  2. Bring standardization of work.
  3. Prevent exploitation of skill labor
  4. Claim better wages as per standard of work.

What technology initiatives do you see gaining maximum ground for Corporate Training, Vocational Education, and Skills Training?

Mobile app is empowering. Recently I came across an app called Blinkist. I am encouraging my executives to subscribe. It’s a book reading app which and is substituting some of my Corporate Training need. Apps like these along with continuously improving IT infrastructure, connectivity for online training is going to challenge traditional mode of corporate and vocational training. I am sure human element in skill trainng will still remain for some time, however the role will see a shift from being a Trainer to more of a facilitator.

How, in your opinion, will ICA Edus kills solutions add value to education in a country where rural areas have such a high rate of dropouts?

A model centre of ICA has all of its staff’s KRA designed to facilitate engagement with the student. Right from the community representative to the counsellor to trainer and finally the placement, people are encouraged to connect directly with student and their parents.

There are weekly activities like Yoga sessions, Industry visits, guest lecture, competitions etc, designed to enhance students stickiness. The incentive structre of the staff are linked to merics like student drop out ratio and placememnt ration and retention ratio.

Under new situations and challenges, what relationships should universities pay more attention to in the process of innovative development?

Practical experience is the key. On Job Training to be encouraged and be made part of the curriculum. University should also strengthen their Industry connect. They cannot be aloof from what is happening in practical word. For an employer, training is a cost. If Industry gets a hands on employer, it saves its training cost. This could result in Universities placement ration dropping down. There are numerous example of student unrest leading to student strikes and conflicts in university campuses across India.

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