Best Social media campaigns by Universities – Part 2

Concluding our list of the best social media campaigns by universities around the world that helped them stand out from the crowd, let’s take a look at some more of them.

Leeds Beckett University – 100 Days To Go Freshers Countdown


It’s important that universities make their students-to-be feel welcome and comfortable since getting ready for university can often be a scary and stressful process. By making sure they had all the information they needed to adjust to university life, Leeds Beckett University took steps to help their future students. Prior to the start of their fresher journey, the university provided new applicants with valuable tips and reassuring messages – whilst at the same time promoting their own platforms and services for 100 consecutive days. The campaign was a hit and accounted for 9,785 new page views.

“Match Made in Salford”: Tinder inspired University Course Finder

The University of Salford launched “Match Made in Salford” – an app enabling prospective students to swipe left or right when presented with a potential course to ease the course selection procedure for the students. The university managed to make the journey of selecting university courses a fun, quick and easy process using the popular dating app Tinder as an inspiration. According to the University’s Marketing Director over 10,000 potential students found their match on results day.

University of Michigan Pinterest presence

Pinterest might not be the first platform you think about when developing your universities’ social media strategy, but it is becoming increasingly popular with universities for engaging with prospective and current students. There are over 500,000 education-related pins added every day according to the platform. The Michigan University pins an average of 40 times a week and the page has a selection of 45 different boards all focused on different aspects of student life. It also uses Pinterest’s location-based feature Place Pins to showcase focal points of their campus, using which new enrollees and prospective students can map out their campus visit before they even take one step on the grounds.


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