With the Rise of AI, the Role of Data Scientist’s Is Growing Exponentially and will Evolve Further

Believes Dr Dakshinamurthy V kolluru, Founder and President, INSOFE,  who has a formidable combination of training, consulting and research in Data Science offered in US, UK, India Middle East fortune companies for over 17 years.

Regarded one among the most prominent personalities in the field of Analytics in India, he received Binani Gold Medal for work under guidance of Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam to indigenously develop Radome, a critical component for Agni Missile (ICBM).

He has worked as a Scientist with Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratories, India where he had worked on some prestigious projects. He was Chief Research Officer with Prithvi Information Solutions, India.

Dr Dakshinamurthy in an interaction with Ekta Srivastava, Education Technology shares his views on data science, analytics and AI in education segment

Please tell us something about INSOFE, Its concept and uniqueness.

INSOFE is world’s leading research driven educational institution, founded with the vision of initiating a revolution in applied engineering learning. It enables organizations to adopt technologies in Data Science, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and IOT through education at every level.

With an early vision of the Data Science movement, INSOFE curated an industry relevant program with a curriculum that stems from real-time business problems. Its certification program, PGP in Big Data Analytics & Optimization, is listed right alongside Standford & Columbia Universities in the prestigious list of ‘19 big data certifications that will pay off’, published by the American magazine

The program is certified for the quality of Content, Pedagogy and Assessment by the Language Technologies Institute of Carnegie Mellon University, USA. LTI is ranked #1 in the world in the area of Computer Science.

Holding stellar qualifications and commendable work experience, 100% faculty at INSOFE are PhDs.

INSOFE campuses are calibrated to be at par with the world’s best IT infrastructure in the area of Data Science replicating the exact industry scenario.

Every INSOFE student is guaranteed an internship where they work on real data sets thus making them hands-on with industry requirement. Since the faculty at INSOFE dedicate 50% of their time working on consulting and research projects, they bringing to the classroom floor the direct learning drawn from the experience. This exposes students to latest tools and techniques boosting their proficiency and enabling them with industry relevant skills and critical experiences.

Technology and analytics, how will it benefit the Education Sector?

Until now student’s comprehension is either guess work of teachers or reactive measure at the end through an examination. However, with the ability of tracking & monitoring many primary and secondary parameters of students, like their attention span, path of learning, mood, interaction and others, we’ll be able to design a highly customized & personalized education platform that can be used both online and in classrooms.

There are quite a few academic tasks like recitation, answering questions and general focused discussions which can be automated by robots in the near future. So, humans can focus on generalized artistic education and finding general relations. Whereas, very focused sessions can be handled by robots, hence enhancing the ability and quality of teaching across the schools globally.

How do you see Data scientist and their big bet on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning?

Data Scientists are betting high on the transformational AI wave. AI has resulted in seismic shifts in the tech landscape impacting smart shopping and personalized advertising, health care, autonomous cars and manufacturing. It soon will pervade every vertical and horizontal, thus democratizing AI and will leave no area untouched. Every business is moving from intuition-based decisions to data-driven decisions. Data is integrated in every aspect of our lives today. With the rise of AI, the role data scientist’s play is growing exponentially and is expected to evolve further.

How do you think specialized certifications will add value add for high skilled workforce?

Upskilling is need of the hour. Subject specific certifications are directly relevant to industry and are a testimony to an individual’s proficiency in that subject area. Certifications also stand proof to an aspirant’s dedication and commitment for skills upgrade. When you stop learning, you seize functioning, thus such certifications are not mere badges of honor, but it showcases the applicant‘s proficiency in contemporary subjects.

What technology initiatives do you see gaining maximum ground for Corporate Training, Vocational Education, and Skills Training?

World is moving towards bleeding-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & IoT.  There is a growing need to update or gain skills in these technology areas to stay relevant in the industry as they attract maximum traction.

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