Best social media campaigns by Universities – Part 1

Social media is an increasingly influential marketing tool for universities trying to recruit new students. Universities need to find new ways to stand out amidst the ever-increasing competition to enroll students. As per a research, there are an estimated 75 million active secondary school students on Facebook. Hence, social media campaigns that demand attention and speak directly to the target audiences is a useful way to attract students. Let’s take a look at some of the great examples of university social media campaigns.


#Lborough OpenDay Snapchat Geofilter

The popularity of Snapchat is growing manifolds day-by-day. Universities have now started including Snapchat in their social media strategy – with some even enlisting their current students to create content. Snapchat can provide prospective students with a really valuable insight into so many different aspects of campus life, thus serving as a great platform. Loughborough Universitydecided to make use of the Snapchat feature Geofilterswith the aim of promoting its campus during special events. They provide special graphic overlays that can only be accessed in certain locations – positioned by Snapchat as “dynamic art for different places”. Providing prospective students with the opportunity to share their first and last university experiences with their friends and family, the university used a selection of their own branded Geofilters during its Open Day and Graduation.

University of Salford #Salfie Campaign

Looking to build awareness and engagement around Clearing Day and decided to launch a highly visual social media campaign, a great user-generated content campaign was created by the University of Salford. Based on Polaroid-style #SALFIE frames hanging around their campus, students were encouraged to take a picture of themselves in them and tweet the same using the #SALFIE hashtag. The pictures were then collected and shared on the university’s Instagram feed.Turning potential and current students into active brand ambassadors, the fun and engaging creative campaign also helped to spread positive messages about the university.

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