Harnessing analytics for student support

Institutions of higher education are harnessing analytics in their day-to-day functioning. Measuring and improving their own effectiveness to providing more engaging and visualized learning experiences are some of the aspects they are leveraging from it.


Analytical tools, including business intelligence (BI), dashboards and data mining, can help in increasing the quality of decision-making data an organization uses.

EDUCASE conducted a survey amongst the higher education institutions about the impact of analytics. The results confirm that they are aware of its potential. 69 percent of the participating institutions said that analytics is a major priority for some departments, units, or programs. Another 28 percent reports analytics is a major priority for the entire institution.

Analytics has a lot of benefits for the educational sector. It lets the organization have a complete view of students, faculty, curriculum, programs, operations, and budgets. It also makes it able to manage and reduce risk. By streamlining operations and ensuring transparency for all parties to the education chain value, it also improves an organization’s efficiency.

Predictive analysis can also prove to be a tool for the success of students. It helps to get an insight into students’ progress and pinpoint the ones who are at increased risk of failure. India’s education system is currently the largest in the world. Currently, over 70 million students are enrolled in some form of it. It witnesses spending of over INR 46,200 crore.

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