How technology is changing education

Education is essential to help the world progress. Like other functional areas, educational sector has also adapted to the technology. As per a research, 84% people are of the opinion that interactive technologies should be used more in the classroom.

Technology Changing

Technology also assures greater access to education, with e-learning and distance education playing a prominent part. Major international universities like MIT and UC Berkeley offer online courses for free. There are online forums like Coursera to cater specifically to e-learning audience.

The broadcasting of course material also increases its repeat value. Hence, the same lecture, which needs few to no changes in the content can be re-used. Content Delivery Network (CDN) or Content Management Systems (CMS) like Blackboard, Livestream, or Moodle provide services to administer an online course.

With the influx of smartphones in every household, the pain of researching for an assignment has become easier. Termed as mobile classroom technology, it’s slowly bridging the gap between the classroom and home learning. The increase in video-based learning on mobile devices will eventually account for 80 percent of all internet traffic by 2019 as per research.

Technology has also helped in reducing the use of textbooks which are famously being replaced by ebooks. They are cheaper, more up-to-date, quickly accessed, and more interactive.

It has also made classrooms more collaborative and allowed teachers to deliver more personalized learning. Classroom technology solutions like BYOD and 1:1 is bringing in the concept of different teaching for every student, based on his/her capability.

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