Technology in government schools

Technology has swiftly made its way to Indian education system. The Indian government recently launched a plan to convert 1,000 government schools into centers of excellence. They also plan to convert 45,000 classrooms into high-tech ones.

technology in goverment school

Education Minister spoke in August 2017 that 45,000 classrooms in secondary and higher secondary schools would be made well-equipped with the latest technology. The budget for the same is estimated to be INR 490 crore.

The government has also made the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) a part of Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA). The ministry has also approved for coverage of 63 smart schools. The existing State Government schools in the districts will be converted to smart school to serve as a role model and Technology Demonstrator among the neighborhood schools.

“Mindspark”, a software that customises material based on student answers to questions was used as a part of tech-initiative in government schools. It was tested on 314 students studying under the programme for a year against 305 randomly selected students. The results were pleasant.

If implemented on a large scale, the programme will cost about $2(INR 130) per child, excluding rent and utilities.

In a CSR initiative, Samsung has also opened smart classes across many Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya schools. Started in 2013, it now boasts of benefitting over 2 lakh students. Concentrating heavily on audio-visual tools, a Samsung Smart Class also consists of Samsung tablets, interactive smartboard, printer and other devices. This makes the complicated concepts easier to understand and learn.

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