Can medical education go the E-way?

Using electronic libraries databases or electronic data of knowledge, E-learning has come of age in India over the past few years. However, for streams such as medicine, it has a lot of acceptance, especially for the basic education in medicine.

medical education

The way it is used in India is in collaboration with real-time classes in colleges and does not preclude physical education systems. Especially for medical education, it is frequently delivered alongside with in-person classroom or professional training, procedures, and practices, as a blend of human instruction and eLearning.  So, in many colleges, instructions by lecture are followed by an E-learning based self-education tests, services and for examination in medicine. Technology also plays a role in automated tracking and reporting of course activities, and that helps streamline the faculty’s administrative jobs.

In a general sense, eLearning adds to educational efficiency by speeding the process of learning and assessment, optimising faculty effort and time, and thus cutting back on costs of delivery. And the latest kid on the block- virtual and augmented reality adds loads of value to medical education technologies. It is an innovative way for practical learning for would –be doctors, not only in terms of making their learning come alive, but again for cost-effectiveness as well. Increased integration of e-learning and medical education, can help facilitate the learning styles for students as well, and that will be a definitive step forward.

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