Students of International Universities have more exposure towards real life learning

Says, Gurinder Bhatti, Founder of in an interaction with Ekta Srivastava, Education Technology…

What made you decide to set up MakeMeStudyAbroad?

MakeMeStudyAbroad was conceptualized in December of 2016. We have witnessed that in the past decade nearly every industry in the World had integrated technology to enhance customer experience, make the process simple and used the data to introduce an upgraded version of the service. With years of expertise in the immigration industry, we recognized an enormous enigma in the entire process. First, over the past half-century, the industry is following up the very traditional process and second, the absence of transparency to the students in India. Having that in mind, we innovated the entire process and launched a new version for the study abroad process. We made the process simpler by overcoming the unwanted steps, made it transparent by implementing a user-interface of the process status, and time-efficient by integrating technology. Today, a student can check his eligibility on our portal before beginning his admission process unlike collecting his documents the way it still happens in the traditional process where an adviser follows up with the student and so on.At the end of the day, Study Abroad is a business for many countries such as Australia, where Education Export Industry ranked in Top 3, and contributes to the economy.

What services does MakeMeStudyAbroad offer?

MakeMeStudyAbroad is a one-stop, digitally driven platform for study abroad aspirants. Our portal has covered every bit of the process right from our unique algorithm based eligibility tool which assists students within a minute about his eligibility for the Canadian Student Visa for SPP colleges. We have admission process, where our system recommends the most relevant and right courses & college’s options to the students upon completion of the basic profile. Upon, receiving admission under the selected courses and colleges, admission letters are ready to download from our portal. As the process pursues we help students with GIC account opening, accompanied by the Student Visa process. Students who get visa grants can additional plan their journey with us which follows, air-ticket booking, accommodation, and forex provisions.
We are also working on “Simplifying the Process” for additional countries as well and by the end of 2018, we will be assisting students with applications to countries such as Australia, Europe, and The USA.

What are the main challenges faced by parents when trying to locate the best school or college for their child? How does MakeMeStudyAbroad may help?

Parents are often seen confused in finding the best school or college for their child. We have observed the foremost challenge is finding the right course in the right college for their child’s future.
We at MMSA assist the student find the right course and college as per the past educational academics and work experience. We designed our portal in a way to recommend the courses and college which provides an added advantage to the student’s career goals as well.

Are there specific countries which, although popular with expats/parents, are particularly challenging for their children’s educational needs?

No, every country has something to offer to the International students. Here we are talking about education and no money can buy you an education, it’s an experience which makes all the difference. Its relative in nature and it’s about which is better than the other. Every country has something to offer, the multi-cultural diversity makes the difference in the life of the young learner.

What kind of skills other than academic do universities abroad expect from an applicant?
There are a number of skills which the universities seek from the candidate other than the academic qualifications. The most well-known is the candidate’s fluency in the English Language, this particularly benefits both in smooth communication and academic performance of the student. Besides the above, The Universities in abroad also looks for the extra-curricular activities such as sports and physical activities, cultural activities, community activities, general knowledge level, etc.

Does a student have an edge in the job sector in India if he gets a degree from a foreign university?
The education imparted in abroad is a mix of live projects and real-time scenarios case-studies and which focus on skill development. Students who study in abroad have corporate exposure while pursuing their degree.

When returning from abroad a student has options to look forward to, such as going for a job or become an entrepreneur because of the exceptional skills developed while studying at the foreign university. Companies do recruit students with a degree from the foreign university to leadership level, managerial level based on the student’s skills.

We don’t intend to say that it makes all the difference but the exposure the student gets definitely gives an edge over the others.

How do you get in touch with the Indian students studying abroad?
We are working on this. We want to build a community of learners and connect them over the period of time.

Is it possible to work while studying? How feasible is that?

Yes, students can work part-time while studying abroad to have an exposure to the job field as well as gain an extra income to pay for the expenses in abroad. Every country has its own set of laws for students to work in part-time while studying abroad which includes the number of weekly hours and the minimum wage.

Is it true that foreign universities provide more flexibility than their Indian counterparts or they are overhyped? How so?

Yes. We won’t be using the term Flexibility as education is a rigorous process and no education system is flexible. But yes, it provides the students with extra exposure. Recently, we have gone through the Times Higher Education Ranking and sadly to say no Indian Institute got featured in the Top 100 rankings. The closest ranking is nearby 250th, scored by the Indian Institute of Science (IIS). It’s not that Indian counterparts are lacking in providing the quality education but the International universities are having more diverse campuses/ classes which adds-on to the learning experience of the students. The Indian universities lack in this area and the reason for being not featured in the Top 100 rankings or we say Top 10, even after providing the best education.

  • International universities rather than Indian universities ,have more diverse campuses which adds-on to the learning experience
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