MINDLER Minimizing the Human Bias in the Decision-Making Process

Prateek Bhargava, Founder & CEO of MINDLER – a technology driven platform that helps students discover their unique potential, and take well-informed career decisions, envisions a real change in the way career decisions are taken in the country. He holds the distinction of having a double MBA from ISB Hyderabad (Finance, Strategy & Leadership) and MDI Gurgaon (Human Resource Management) where he was a gold medallist. He is also a university topper from Delhi University.

Prateek Bhargava, in an email interaction with Ekta Srivastava, Education technology, feels that career decisions are by far one of the most crucial decisions in a student’s life as it shapes the future, and that is where MINDLER comes in as a student’s trusted career-journey advisor from high school to college to professional life, and to the stage students turn into mentors themselves.

Please tell us how Mindler a technology based platform helps students to make a right career choice?

Mindler, powered by the world’s largest research on modern career avenues, is a holistic career guidance platform that encompasses a revolutionary 5-D career -assessment, semi-automated career counselling, long-term personal mentoring, and well-researched & curated knowledge repository. The Mindler career assessment maps any student on a total of 56 dimensions that spans across their orientation style, interest, personality, aptitudes, and emotional & social intelligence, and gives 5 best-fit career matches, that they are more likely to succeed in. A student can also understand their performance, and their matches in a personalized career discovery report, which also includes their developmental plans. The Mindler career counselling is a semi-automated process that takes accurate metrics of a student’s achievements, motivations, distractions, and maps their work-style to that required in a career, thus promoting, data-based, scientific career decision making. The entire process is supplemented with accurate, precise, and well-researched information, dispersed to the student in the form of blogs, career library, and newsletters, in an endeavour to aware students about the latest happenings across careers.

Do you think India has adequate technology usage and adoption in the education sector? What more can be done in your opinion?

Adoption of technology has been on a constant rise. Parents and students are increasingly aware about how technology is disrupting the workplace. With mobile phones and high data speed, technology is now accessible and affordable. There is still huge scope of improvement. Technology advancement also needs infrastructure. If we look at our schools, a large section of schools still lack the infra for students to be able to leverage technology to the fullest. In the education space, technology solutions are disrupting old, and archaic techniques of education. Technology makes it possible to make education customized, personalized, flexible, and of high quality. Location and lack of resources are no more barriers to attaining quality education and parents/ students are the end winners.

Offline or Online: Which is the most impactful way to reach out your target audience. 

Given the demographics and unique needs of our target audience the best way to reach out to them is actually a hybrid models. At one end there is a segment of users who are active in the online space and have high affordability. At the other spectrum are users who lack resources to make use of the online solutions available. The hybrid model we use at Mindler involves making online solutions accessible through both online and offline channels. A big emphasis on making this happen is towards collaboration which makes the last mile delivery possible. In education there is a key role of human intervention and it is not traditionally a domain which can be automated. However increasing use of technology to reduce human bias and make human intervention only strategic in nature is the way forward.

How you see the adoption of technology among parents and students?

Students are fast adopting technology (and scientific career decision making), as opposed to peer influence, popular opinion, hit and trial, and parental preferences. Whether it is to identify a career that suits them, or validate their chosen career option, students today understand that perfect career fitment, is not only favourable, but vital for success. Parents, especially those in metropolitan cities, also embrace technology based solutions like ours, in an endeavour to help their child decide which career option(s) they should keep in their spectrum, and work towards.

What measure does Mindler take to keep the data and information of every student intact and secure within their system?

Mindler uses the latest encryption algorithms to store both the personal data, and assessment results of a user. User data is generally vulnerable when there is public access even to limited data where restricted data can be hacked by various hacking techniques. There is no such public profile available for a user at Mindler. General hacking techniques involve gaining the administrative access through a browser and inserting scripts to gain access to user data. There is no such possibility in case of Mindler as admin access is restricted by 4-5 parameters which can be validated from limited systems only. Education consulting is all about credibility, and we at Mindler believe that protecting the privacy and data of our user is of utmost importance.

What is Mindler’s Business Module and its concept so far?

Mindler operates on a unique collaborative business model which drives business to both our B2B and B2C model. We have envisioned to make career guidance accessible and affordable for millions of students and thus creating a collaborative eco-system is at the heart of all our strategies. This is the reason that within a short span of time, Mindler is already working with multiple stakeholders such as schools, universities, ed-tech players, test prep players, NGOs, government and even competitors; in helping students take well informed career decisions. We have been able to validate all of these use cases and created a scalable revenue channel. Mindler is a holistic career-guidance platform that constitutes of a 5-dimensional career assessment, semi-automated career counselling with career coaches, and domain experts, year-long handholding programs, mentor-connect platform, and carefully curated content.

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